In 2010 I came across e-cigs and was a committed 2 and a half packet a day smoker who publicly defended the right to smoke anywhere I felt like. I had been smoking for 42 years.

I wasn’t until my left leg went cold and after tests the hospital confirmed the arteries where blocked that badly that they could not use stents that the question was asked: am I going to stop smoking? I replied no and their reply was that since you are an insulin dependent diabetic come back in a couple of weeks when the gangrene has set in and we will cut off you leg.

I belligerently hobbled home. Went back to my GP, then to an expensive private specialist.

He told me straight that my artery problems in both legs were solely due to smoking.

Fortunately I had medical insurance.

I knew my time was up, I had to stop and my wife agreed to stop as well, but how?

I stubbed my last cigarette out going up the ramp at Mercy Hospital.

I took pills and chewed gum frantically while in hospital recovering from surgery.

I had found out about E Cigs on line and had ordered some from America.

They were in my letter box the day I got out of Hospital.

I have never smoked tobacco since.

My experience with E cigs blossomed; you still have to want to stop smoking but the stress of quitting is gone.

It is my belief that your brain still thinks you are smoking. When you feel like a fag you just puff on your E cig and the urge goes away.

NO Tar, NO Carbon Dioxide, NO Carbon Monoxide and none of the poisons that are in the tobacco leaf which incidentally is a member of the Deadly Nightshade family of plants.

After 6 months I put the E cig stuff away and have never looked back.

I had been importing E cigs for myself and then other addicted friends and eventually I started selling it from my Home Appliance shop in Avondale, Auckland.

Sales are usually from word of mouth I work on the adage that: If I have to stop so do YOU!

Try them, what have you got to lose?

Live long and Prosper


Duncan Macdonald